I’m not happy with me

Wow, what an emo headline, but it is the truth.

A year ago I had a 100 lb weight loss, and oh man have I back slid. It’s not okay, but I’ve hit the point of ‘get our shit in gear’ and fix this. (aka, my clothes don’t fit.)

Yeah, my scrubs are too snug, and I will not have that.

So, the plan (which is slightly nuts, but surprisingly well researched) is to do 30 days of KetoChow as a trial. KetoChow is a nutritionally complete shake that is keto friendly (essentially, a day works out to ~1300 calories, 12 net carbs, 79protein, 101 fat), easy to prepare, with a shelf stable powder that you add cream and MCT oil to. Chris Bair is the dude who made the recipe, and get this- he made it open source on the soylent diy page. You can buy it from him pre-made, or you can get the recipe and make it- he shows you where to source all the stuff.

FullSizeRenderIt’s not that bad– it’s kinda salty, but really, you blow thru so many electrolytes when you keto it’s appropriate, and really, salted chocolate ain’t bad. I hear the Vanilla is really rich, so that’ll be my next can of protein powder.


Well, I’m back from the gym (about an hour total- kicked butt!) and after dealing with traffic and other nonsense, I’m getting ready for school…. What a fracas. Its also…  6 hours later and I’m only just starting to feel a little peckish.

I made a shake and I’ll bring it to class and have it there. Yum.

Ok, time for me to get running, I’m going to try to update closer to daily at least for my month on keto chow.


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