Good Golly Miss Molly

Mmmm. Tacos. 

Ok, aside from that aside, how’s it going?

I’ve been stewing on posting for a couple days- I’m busier than ever. Had a couple “cheat” days but really I’ve kept those days lazy keto while being strict the rest of the time. Lazy being not stressing at keeping under 20 carbs, just aiming for under 40, and pretty much succeeding. I don’t think I’ve dropped out of keto from it- I get an annoying dry yucky mouth when I’m in ketosis. It’s probably a metformin side effect that’s compounded  by the keto but they seem to go hand in hand. 

So yeah. I’m down something like 13 lbs, having a little bit of a stall, I think it’s my recent lack of sleep. Night shift will do that to you. I’m thinking my lack of water intake lately isn’t helping. I have to work on that. 

On the agenda is knitting half a million more pussy hats. Once people saw mine; they wanted one for themselves, even after the Women’s March on Washington. I keep telling people that in my free time I’ll knit them, in exchange for donations to Planned Parenthood. 

I think though if I pick a new knitting project the donations gotta go to pbs or NPR. Maybe with each new project a new donation site. 

What else. Um, I’m sitting in the dark waiting on the super to fix my circuit breaker- it decided to stop working last night. I’m enjoying some cheese and fighting to stay awake.  I’m also wondering what the hell happened on Critical Role last night. I’m contemplating what color to paint my nails later. Should I go valentines or inspired by the Goo or HyperRPG? (I’ll have to elaborate on them later.

So, yeah. I’ll be around, as always. 


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