Small victories

Well, the week is over, how did I do?

Surprisingly, not bad! I’m ketotic, and not nauseous anymore. That first week hump is goddamned murder. It’s like morning sickness with no prize at the end- like punishment: “Yo! You’re fat and should suffer!” 

No, that’s not right. When you get over 300lbs, there’s probably something more than simple “Hand to Mouth Syndrome”. With me, it’s PCOS and most likely binge eating disorder- the symptoms are right, but I have personal issues with mental health practitioners so I don’t hold a formal diagnosis for it. Never the less- what does that mean: I’m a mess 🤡 (I’m calling this emoji Captain Clownshow!)

But, I’m a good mess, who is brain dumping. And just because something is a mess doesn’t make it bad- y’know?

So, back to victories: I’m down 6 lbs total this week- it sounds like a lot, and it is, but 2 things to remember: 1) I am really big. 6 lbs is a very small percentage of my total, and 2) I’m eating Keto- weight tends to fly off. A lot of it is water stores, my legs are so non-puffy right now. My ankles and feet look svelt (now if only the rest of me would catch up! But soon! Soon I say!)

I feel good. I’m starting to get some energy back, my sugars are trending back downward, and yeah, I think I’m gonna be ok. 


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