9 lbs and all is well!

Hi world! 

I’m sitting, enjoying my water, relaxing a bit with a small (ha, unintentional pun!) story of awesome. 

My go-to pairs of 3x scrub pants are literally falling apart. They’re the picture you see when you look up the word threadbare in the dictionary. Out of desperation I tried on my 2x pants. They pulled up and fit! Don’t get me wrong, they’re snug but I could comfortably sit in them and yeah, I didn’t look like a bum last night.

Also, of minor note, my skinny jeans fit again- I don’t have to unbutton them to sit down anymore. Oh, and my feet aren’t all swollen either and I’m not perpetually sweating any more either. I think the feet and the sweats was from the sugar. I got my fasting sugar yesterday under 100 for the first time in a uber long time. 

It’s a small victory but you know what, it’s really really big to me. 10 days working hard, and 49 more days till I’m going to gift myself. That Apple Watch is getting more and more tangible every day. I’m thinking for 100 days it’s either gonna be a pair of shoes. 365 is gonna probably be a tattoo or something interesting.  



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