Well, the long weekend is over, and back to work tonight. It’s been ok- but let’s talk about the peanut incident of January. 

Turns out I really like them. Like enough to wreck my calories and carbs for a couple days. I don’t didn’t go over calorie but I did blow the carbs so yep, retaining water. Blah. I put the giant jar back into the cabinet, and I’m choosing to ignore them. Whole day, peanut free! Look at that willpower (nonexistant as it is.)

In other news, I’ve decided to spring for my choice of fitness tracker earlier than planned- I got my hands on a refurb for a not insignificant discount, and was able to get the extended warrenty for less than the price of a new one. I originally wanted to wait till the end of February but I couldn’t pass up on the good price. So… yeah, that’s that. I’ll get further into it later on once I get it going. 

Got to go for a massage yesterday. Ah-Maze-Ing!!! I love it, my back and feet are doing pretty darn good. They do something to my foot that fixes it for a good 2 weeks. Tui-na ftw for my plantar fasciitis. 

Also, got new sneakers today- new brand too- trying out a pair of sauconys. I know I love my brooks, but I like trying out new things, and well, my pink brooks are DEAD, complete with holes in the uppers and no more padding in the soles. I know I’m not ready to start running yet but anything that’ll help keep my feet happy is awesome. The way I’ve been walking at work lately, new kicks might be awesome. 

(Late addendum: I thought I posted this last night during my break. Many apologies for the delay!)


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