Ketochow Day 2: Snowmageddon 2016


or, #jonasblizzard if you’re into that twitter sorta thing.

The Y is closed, the busses aren’t running (starting at noon as per the MTA), and, baby, it’s cold out there. So, well, that makes my plans of hitting the pool and swimming a couple laps totally moot, and that’s ok- I’ll just really watch my calories (yay ketochow. I mixed up 3 shakes last night), and do some shoveling later- its ok, mainly because I haven’t found my bathing suit yet. I have work tonight, and the plows haven’t decided to hit my block yet. (thrilling, no?) (Update: a plow came by about 2 hours after my initial writing)

I know I can get to work- I live 75 feet from a major street (the hospital is 2 blocks from me.), and realistically, I don’t have to leave for like 10 hours- so the streets should be good by then- I’ll throw my truck into 4wd and just take my sweet ol’ time getting there. These past 2 winters I’ve never been so thankful that I have the truck now.

On the Ketochow front- I only ate/drank 2 shakes yesterday, and a large chunk of ham. I admit it, I have an amazing weakness for the stuff- it was on sale, and I said what the heck. I figured it’d be ok because I was really really undercalorie. Oh, and I’ve started the water-output phase of keto induction. I’m down like 4 lbs overnight. Instant gratification, yes, please and thank you very much. I’ll be happy when I can see my collar bones again- I can feel them, but I miss them. Actually, no, I’ll be happy when I fit into my size 18 Gloria Vanderbilt jeans again, they ‘run small’ to start with- the legs are snug enough where they can be straight legs and not look baggy and dumpy on me, and they were fitting real nice before my backslide. It took 3 months to put this crap on, now to do it in reverse. I’m pretty full and the shakes taste 100% better if you let them sit a legit overnight (like 8 hours. 4 is good, but you get that salty potassium twang and psyllium chunkiness… it mellows and is just amazingly delicious and smooth- like drinking a real shake if you just let it sit. It’s just so so so delicious.)

The news is on, and I just heard that this is slated to be the worst storm in ~5 years. Joy. Did I mention I HATE snow… and hate is a strong emotion that requires energy. I am beyond willing to devote that emotional energy! (Damned Snow!)

More news: Mayor DiBlasio is conferencing and 20-30 inches, and my darling big guy just realized it’s snowing… I wonder if there’ll be a snow day on Monday at school… oy. more stress.

Well, shake is done, we’re warm, dry and safe. I’ll check in if anything changes.

As always: Keep calm and keto on!



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