What was on my plate

Today was a tasty day. That’s one of the bonuses to the keto lifestyle- you get to eat good greasy deliciousness. 

For a more in depth look into the nutrition and macros, feel free to check me out at My Fitness Pal. I always welcome new friends, but give me a heads up in the message about how you found me. 

Breakfast was simple easy goodness, 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter with hot sauce. Yum, and kid friendly. 

  Don’t mind my fine china. 
Lunch: Shiratake noodles (gray seaweed color) in chicken broth. Super low cal, even lower carb. I fully admit to having 2 bowls. 


8 oz unsweetened almond/coconut milk blend with 3 tbsp chia seeds and a shake of cinnamon. I sweetened it with a few drops of ez-sweetz. It’s just liquid no carb Splenda. So creamy!


Baby back ribs roasted with salt/pepper/ranch powder. I braise them en pappiotte low and slow then crisp up in a hot oven. Steamed asparagus on the side. I love it!

Reminder to self: Take pic before eating!

Dessert, if I feel up to it is going to be a nice cup of coffee and a delightful baby cheesecake. I put little raspberries in some, strawberries is others. I put chocolate chips in 3 for the hubby, and left 3 plain. 

Yeah. It’s been good!

Until later! 


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