Time to knock off the cobwebs!

It’s an Ikea kitchen (not mine, but hey, it could be!)

Hi world- Welcome to my kitchen table! Yeah, it’s dusty, and still under construction, but I should be able to remedy that PDQ

Today the vacation is over. Gotta love vacations- they seem to take forever to get here, go away way too fast and honestly its like a near den of food and exercise EVIL for me. But that’s ok. The situation is (as stated above) temporary. Today, yeppers, that vacation is over.

Today is a new day 1 for me. I was down nearly 100 lbs. before my vacation (which I admit, extended way too long. I took a month of being bad… and I just can’t do it any more!) and now, lets say no, it’s not 100 lbs. anymore. It’s closer to 90.

And, that sucks. Just SUCKS. I can feel it, and nope, no sir, I don’t like it.

So: This is the plan: I’m going to link my Fitbit (Charge HR in purple.) here, so at the very least, you’ll get to see where I’m at pretty daily. That’s important to me. I’ll also be connecting this with MFP (Dear Fitbit, your food tracking software has improved, but honestly, it pales in comparison to MFP. MFP FOREVER!). BTW, MFP thank you for fixing whatever it was that was bogging down your site. I fully admit to getting frustrated VERY easily, and that’s not great- when I get frustrated, I get that ‘screw it’ attitude, and honestly, it’s self sabotaging.

What else, what else: Gonna start exercising again. Yeah, Richard Simmons, Walking, and Hopefully some swim at the end of the month, again, some body weight and low weights exercises to start. I’m out of shape. (Well, round is a mathematically perfect shape…  right?). I’m officially on a ban on elevators and escalators (with a caveat: if I’m running really late and the elevator is there for work, i’ll take it, but it will be documented as a ‘needs improvement). I work on the 4th floor at work 5 days a week and I go to school on the second floor of the building. Stairs or bust. Every day. Think of how good my butt will look 🙂

So, I think that’s where we’re at. There will be a flurry of odd posts for the near future till I figure out all the linking, and I hope to get nice new design stuff up to prettify the joint 🙂

Until then (which’ll probably be a few minutes…)



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