Reunited and it feels so good!

Dearest Keto,

I’ve missed you. 42 days was well, 42 days too long to be away. Baby, I’m back!

MFP likes to remind you when you are good, but stray a day, and you lose that post count. Heartbreak thy name is the 1 day streak. That’s ok, in a pinch you can reset it, but really, just who’s getting cheated?

Today was a fan freaking tactic good day. Ate everything I wanted. Got pickles (the closest thing to a free food on this plan!) my macros were almost perfect. It was: Net Carb 3.7%, Protein 23.9, Fat 72.4. 1392 calories. 11 flights of stairs, 8k+ steps, 2747 calories burned.

Dear Keto… I missed you so so much. I won’t leave you by the wayside again.


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