Songs of Me!

Lets start from the beginning.


Well, somewhere near the beginning,

Ok, ok, fairly recently, I’ve gotten very into this online show called Critical Role.


Basically, it’s 9 (well now 8, but that’s a story for another time) of the most talented Voice Actors in the industry right now geeking out and playing D&D on Thursday nights at 7 pst/10 est on They have developed a near-cult following in the roughly 6-7ish months they’ve been on, and have an amazing group of fans named #Critters. #Hashtag to prompt you to check them out on Twitter. Amazing stuff to be found there- spanning the gamut from fan art to pure unadulterated philanthropy. Lots of philanthropy. Via Geek and Sundry and Nerdist, the fans raised over $114k for the Extra-Life Charity. $114k. 826LA is the Critter’s patron charity- it basically teaches kids how to read and how to improve their reading ability- it’s a tutoring center- they’ve raised well over 15k for them as well. Like I said, nothing short of impressive.

There is NOTHING short of impressive that I could say about each and every person who’s proud to call themselves a Critter.

Yeah, it’s good people. I got to meet up with a few amazing critters at Forbidden Planet a few weeks ago during NY Comic Con weekend, and they were AWESOME! LineConNY and CritterLove!

So, this month, aside from an edge of your seat ride through the current story arc (I’m not going to spoil. You need to watch. Full Stop. Watch it.) the cast is posting Spotify playlists to help describe their player characters. From songs to make my inner goth kid truly happy in a purple rush (Percy), The dark and sneaky inner miscreant (Vax), and his sister (Vex), the Ranger who together never fit in but learned to kick ass together, and the Privileged  and Sheltered Princess learning herself and the world around her (Keyleth)…. with more to come, well, Lets say  I was inspired.

Therefore: I bring you:  Cashew’s Playlist: Music to Work Hard and Play Harder.  It’s a work in progress, and that’s cool- nothing should ever be static.

  • Cabin By The Sea by Dirty Heads:
    • I’m a beach bum at heart. My soul is nestled in the sea short with the waves cresting over my being. Is there anything better than watching the sun go down, sitting around a fire, listening to the waves crashing around you?
  • Needing/Wanting by Ok Go
    • You want and you want, but is it what you really need?
  • When I Fall by BNL
    • Are we really at our full potential? Are we doing all we can? Gotta look forward,  but the fear and risk of falling is real.
  • Diamond on the Soles of her Shoes by Paul Simon
    • I keep spelling it souls. Double entendre much? The shoe reference, at least towards me is definitely intentional.
  • Pardon Me
    • While I burst into flames. Sometimes we ride the line, sometimes we fail miserably.
  • Lampshades on Fire
    • Might as well enjoy the Party.
  • Rewrite
    • If only there were more do-overs with car chases in life.
  • Someone New
    • I try to fall in love daily. For the stress and insanity, it’s how I maintain a nugget of self.
  • Tin Cup Chalice
    • Did I mention the water. Yeah. Guess where that nugget of self lives. Also, can you guess how it keeps from blowing up into a fiery poof? Yep. Salt water cures all ills- Sweat, Tears and the Sea.
  • The Boys of Summer
    • Aside from having a perpetual crush on Don Henley (c’mon, who doesn’t/didn’t. If you don’t, you really should 🙂 ) Perpetual late summer, Young Love. Yeah. Just perfection. Where are my Wayfarers?
  • Stressed out
    •  Life. But, unlike in the song, I have an out. I play pretend as often as possible, even though some disbelievers may find it childish. Yeah, D&D. I knew you’d figure it out.

So, I hope you enjoy this little peak into the Nutshell.


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