Dinner Time: Baked Pork chop and Eggplant Carroza, Keto Style. 

Did I mention gluten free? Because yeah! You know it!  

So, I breaded half my pork chops with honey mustard and GF crumbs. They’re good, and the hubby and the kids like them. Me? Yeah, twoo luv fuh’reals but not what I’d call Keto friendly. Mine? Just a s&p dusting, and some ranch powder.

I used to swear I’d never use it, but like anything else, I tried it. It’s tangy like buttermilk, and it’s fairly salty and seasoned.  Not bad in moderation. It’s the overuse that just kills me. I know people that could (and probably DO bathe in the stuff.)but yeah, it’s definitely on treat status here. 

Right now I’m purging eggplant. Just salted and laying on a paper towel on a half sheet pan.  

  These are from the “female” eggplant, and these: 


Are from the male. Boys have a dot, girls have a …..line-gina. 

Ok, ok, just a line then. People say the females have more seeds, some people say it has to do with the bitterness levels, honestly? I can’t tell the difference.

I purge not so much to get rid of the bitter, but instead to get rid of the moisture level- it just helps them to fry better…and, since we’re unorthodoxly frying, we need all the help we can get. 

We’ll be 2 Step frying (traditional breaded fried things are 3 step: flour-egg-crumb). These get egg washthen a cheap parm crumb. 


 It has to be this way, or it just doesn’t work. Trust me! This is the best Keto crumb I’ve found. 

  Yum yum! We got krumb!
So dip in egg, dip in cheese. Fry I’m hot oil. Then set on a rack to drain. Not a biggie. 

The cheese will wreck your oil so, shallow fry in a nonstick pan if you got one. Your dish pan hands will thank me. When they go g-b-d (golden, brown, and delicious) flip, and finish the other side. Eggplant cooks fairly quick, so it’s no biggie. 


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